Final Edit

This is now our final edit as due to copyright reasons our video once it had the universal ident in was blocked so we moved it to a different website. This version has a few improvements and these are things such as better balanced sound and corrections of our flashback scenes which had become broken and out of place

This is a version of our final edit of our title sequence we changed a few things from our last  version such as:

  • Improving our sound
  • Adding more diegetic sound
  • Cleaning up some harsher cuts
  • Spent time working in effects
  • Created a flashback effect

Evaluation Point 8

Audience Feedback


This is some of the feedback that we received on our media project. While it is mostly constructive there are areas which looking back as suggested we could improve on. Asking relatives and friends helped us to gain a better understanding and allowed a fresh set of people to see our work and tell us what they thought about it.